Dedicated to bringing people together with delectable small-batch rum.


Krafted Spirits Rum, like all great things, started with a dream -- a passion, a love for the true spirit of rum and all of the warm, encompassing vibes that come along with it.

Setting sail as currently one of the smallest rum companies in the world, Krafted Spirits Rum remains privately owned, and is operated solely by the hands of its founder, Kendrick Jackson -- with the exception of the distillation process of each variation. As one of the few Los Angeles-based rum brands, Krafted Spirits also remains to be the only 100% minority owned rum brand in California and one of the only 100% minority-owned rum brands in the country. As opposed to mass-production, small-batch production utilizing a unique distillation process and a selection of enticing flavor profiles sets Krafted Spirits Rum aside from the rest and promotes the same inclusiveness that drives courageousness, craftsmanship, and responsibility.

Sourcing our high-quality sugarcane from the island of St. Croix, and utilizing its calibur as opposed to competitors who use molasses in their distillation, Krafted Spirits Rum offers a set of premium-quality spirits at a mid-level price point to appeal to every kind of consumer. With the importance of high-grade ingredients and an intricate distillation processes at hand, the over-saturated luxury/VIP ideal is pushed to the side, making everyone and anyone who wishes to indulge in our fine spirits feel like their own VIP.

In order to give back to the community, we make a mindful effort in sponsoring local food banks and missions. We’ve also generated our own holiday as the creators of National Buy Someone A Drink Day, annually on September 5th each year, starting in 2019. We suggest marking your calendar so you can get out and spread the wealth -- the wealth of a unique and creative spirit.


 Our Blends


Dark Rum

Our moderately-aged dark rum appeals to drinkers that looking for something a little more mature than your garden variety rum, while also appealing to experienced drinkers that want a quality dark rum with aging characteristics but don't want to spend an arm and a leg on a cocktail. Triple distilled with raw sugarcane from the island of St. Croix and column-blended and aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels, our Dark Rum is recommended as an excellent sipping spirit and is also designed for mixing bold and flavorful cocktails.



Pineapple rum

Our dark aged, triple distilled pineapple-infused flavor profile appeals to all ages and genders that are tired of artificially-flavored spirits, but still desire a product with fruity and robust characteristics. Aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels with natural pineapple infused flavors, as one of the only brands that offers a dark aged fruit-infused flavor profile, we wish to highlight the gentle nuances of this artful spirit. Our Pineapple Rum calls for an amazing daiquiri, mojito, and believe it or not, a perfect Cuba Libre with a little fresh lime juice added.

Pineapple- Triple distilled with raw sugarcane from the island of St. Croix. Column blended and



white rum

Last but certainly not least, our white rum is triple distilled with raw sugarcane from the island of St. Croix. Column blended and developed in charred American oak bourbon barrels, our white rum is designed to meld colorfully in any mixed rum drink consumers desire. While typically, white rums made with molasses are rather popular, in using sugarcane, we find that it is a far better ingredient which delivers a lighter and naturally sweeter tasting profile.


 Our Team


Our Founder, Kendrick Jackson

Working formerly in real estate for over five years, through the stressful demands of his career and everyday life, founder Kendrick Jackson found himself yearning for a more rewarding and exciting venture. As an enthusiast and avid lover of rum, it had crossed his mind from time to time to start his own brand in the past, however, at the time, the idea just seemed like an unattainable dream. Fast-forward to January of 2018: Kendrick was enjoying dinner and drinks at one of his beloved watering holes in Culver City -- The Wallace. It was a particularly crowded Thursday night and the only seat available was just to the left of Kendrick. After some time, an older African-American gentleman took the open seat and was soon greeted by just about every employee working at The Wallace, as well as other patrons. A bottle of Revel Tequila was then placed in front of the gentleman, and about 20 minutes later, he asked Kendrick what he was drinking. Drinking his spirit of choice, (rum, of course) the man told him that he was the owner of Revel Tequila, and that he’d like to offer Kendrick a free shot so he could sample the spirit. Filled with surprise and excitement, Kendrick offered to pay for the pour since he only wanted to support the brand in the way he felt was appropriate. After conversing for a couple of hours, the two became fast friends and eventually the gentleman asked if Kendrick would be interested in investing in his brand. The two parted at the end of the night and Kendrick received an email the next day with the company’s info, and this is all the inspiration that he needed to go all in with pursuing his dream of creating his own brand. The rest is as they say folks, history.


Drink Uniquely.


What does it mean to drink uniquely? With the inspiration of the energy that flows through a great bar or cocktail lounge, Kendrick Jackson set out on developing a rum brand that promotes, foremost; the art of bringing people of all types together in an inclusive and exciting way. In his own experience of meeting strangers that quickly became friends over a few drinks, Kendrick is inspired by the commonality found when individuals come together socially over the art of a great cocktail or spirit. Krafted Spirits Rum’s intrinsically approachable vibe thrives on themes of acceptance, community, diversity, fun, and most importantly, following your dreams.

Appealing to all demographics, goals of becoming represented in every minority-owned bar, lounge, restaurant, hotel and liquor store rests on the horizon. Krafted Spirits Rum wishes nothing more than to serve you with the spirit you deserve, and to share and enjoy that spirit with the people you care about most.






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